Is collaborating with other users great for getting Soundcloud plays?

News 11:03 March 2024:

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Most of the top musicians around the world became famous by doing collaborations with fellow musicians who were famous before them. Collaboration is the beauty of music in soundcloud. You do half the work but get more exposure and potentially more soundcloud plays.  If you are already popular on this social network, working with a less known singer can help her enter into the world of music. The only issue with collaborations comes if you accept to work with a mediocre singer.

Only work alongside someone who can help you get tips and discover new tips for creating better songs. But if collaborating doesn’t seem to work for you, remixing someone else’s song can also help you grow as an artist. Just look for songs which you are familiar with and capable of making a great remix out of. Finally, joining music forums as a way of marketing your music has also worked wonders for other soundcloud artists. But before you post links to your songs, always leave a meaningful comment on the topic of discussion. If you don’t, no one will bother opening your link.